Overview of responsibility

We aim to be the most responsible choice for all our stakeholders

Business that creates added value and shouldering corporate responsibility are at the core of Mint of Finland’s operations. Together these form the heart of healthy business.

In 2017, Mint of Finland continued to build on earlier work and made further progress with corporate responsibility. The company conducted a materiality analysis to identify the most significant aspects that affect responsibility with regard to stakeholders. We now know what aspects of responsibility stakeholders consider to be important and how we can communicate the work we do on this front.

Responsibility work is always ongoing, never ready, never completed. The key thing is to get started.

From the stakeholders’ point of view, the most important aspects in Mint of Finland’s corporate responsibility are fair operating principles with stakeholders, respect for human rights and responsibility for the environment and employees. In addition, the organisation’s responsible governance was highly regarded.

Spread the happiness. We promote social responsibility throughout our value chain.

Based on the results of the materiality analysis conducted with regard to stakeholders, the company’s general Ethical Guidelines and the separate Business Partner Code of Conduct, we created our reporting model for CSR indicators and our communications concept, Mint of Finland Manifesto, which lays down our main principles in corporate responsibility - the steps we have already taken and steps we are about to take.

We report our progress with corporate responsibility with regard to the companies in Finland and Germany. Mint of Finland Group also includes a 50% holding with the Royal Mint of Spain in the joint venture Compañía Europea de Cospeles S.A. (CECO SA), which manufactures blanks in Spain. CECO SA has signed Mint of Finland’s Business Partner Code of Conduct and in this respect has undertaken to comply with the company’s ethical guidelines.