Human Rights and Fair Play

Respect for human rights and fair operating practices form the foundation for sustainable international project sales

The circulation coins business is a global B2G (Business to Governments) project sales, where central banks or ministries of finance are the customers. In addition to this, Mint of Finland has a coin blank business, where customers are mints, most of which are state agencies. Our customer base in the commemorative coins business consists of the Ministry of Finance and mostly commemorative coin retailers and consumers. The company has customers on four continents and an active network of representatives close to customers. The company also sources raw materials from selected global suppliers.

Mint of Finland has a set of ethical guidelines. The responsibility criteria applying to partners are enshrined in our Business Partner Code of Conduct.
The company has zero tolerance regarding any form of inappropriate behaviour, harassment, bullying, discrimination or corruption.

During 2017, the company developed practices to ensure that not only the company’s employees, but also other parties can anonymously report any activities contrary to the ethical guidelines. We will continue this work in 2018.

We have summarised the main themes concerning human rights and fair play below. Read more on our website.

Everyone has human rights

Mint of Finland respects and complies with the principles enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As an employer, we comply with the basic labour rights stated by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Mint of Finland never tolerates any kind of discrimination. The company is actively developing its non-discrimination plan in accordance with the Non-discrimination Act and with the Act on Equality between Women and Men.

The company sees diversity as an asset. Valuing cultural diversity is key to caring about and understanding other people and is a requirement for harmonious teamwork.

Mint of Finland does not accept child labour in any form. The company does not take part in human rights abuses or accept child exploitation in any form.

Fair play everywhere and every time

Mint of Finland does not accept corruption in any form. We comply with local legislation, we promote ethical ways of working and require our stakeholders to comply with the same local legislation was we do. We do not support political parties financially. Mint of Finland has guidelines regarding receiving and giving hospitality.

Mint of Finland respects owners’ immaterial rights from design to photographs. The company respects the immaterial rights of its partners and actively identifies them in all operations.

We report our progress with corporate responsibility with regard to the companies in Finland and Germany. Mint of Finland Group also includes a 50% holding with the Royal Mint of Spain in the joint venture Compañía Europea de Cospeles S.A. (CECO SA), which manufactures blanks in Spain. CECO SA has signed Mint of Finland’s Business Partner Code of Conduct and in this respect has undertaken to comply with the company’s ethical guidelines.