Take care!

Mint of Finland acts responsibly vis à vis its employees. We address and monitor the wellbeing at work of our employees. Investing in employee competence and personal development is an important aspect of our work with responsibility and is also important to the company as we look ahead. Our principles include showing appreciation and building a well-functioning working community.

Responsible human resources management includes fair rewards, systematic competence development, supporting employee wellbeing and ensuring safe working conditions.

A better you

Mint of Finland Group actively and systematically develops employee satisfaction and pursues new ways to improve it in, for example, development discussions, which are a way of developing competence in the direction the company needs. On the other hand, development discussions also guide work towards common goals, thereby striving to ensure that everyone has a clear image of where the company is heading and works to that end.

The personnel surveys conducted at the sites in Finland and Germany in 2017 both showed improved results. Changes to the survey to make it more effective increased the response rate. The well-functioning of the working community was the area chosen for development.

Work was done in 2017 to improve communications, work organisation and supervisory work, which were the areas for development chosen on the basis of the results of the previous survey. The results for 2017 indicated improvements in these areas for development.

Zero tolerance for accidents

Safe working and working conditions are the cornerstone of Mint of Finland’s operating activities. To promote safety at work, we arrange regular safety training sessions. Also the occupational safety committee, which comprises employees, works to improve safety. Mint of Finland is building a safe working environment by influencing attitudes and employees are asked to report “near-miss” situations and deviations. To promote occupational health, both factories have a proactive approach to reduce absences, rehabilitate employees and to maintain working ability.

We encourage wellbeing and help employees to develop

Mint of Finland tracks the development of work wellbeing by measuring competence development by the number of training days, improvements in job satisfaction, implementation of the non-discrimination and equality principle and the number of workplace accidents and sick leaves.

We report our progress with corporate responsibility with regard to the companies in Finland and Germany. Mint of Finland Group also includes a 50% holding with the Royal Mint of Spain in the joint venture Compañía Europea de Cospeles S.A. (CECO SA), which manufactures blanks in Spain. CECO SA has signed Mint of Finland’s Business Partner Code of Conduct and in this respect has undertaken to comply with the company’s ethical guidelines.